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Vol 2, Issue 2 (2022) Pathophysiological and Genetic Aspects of the Brain–Skin Axis: The Role of Stress and Inflammation in Skin Aging Abstract   PDF (Eng)
O. B. Borzykh
Vol 2, Issue 2 (2022) Application of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Back Pain in Adults: Part 1 Abstract   PDF (Eng)
V. V. Trefilova, N. A. Shnayder, M. A. Novitsky, O. A. Ovdienko, Z. A. Nurgaliev
Vol 2, Issue 2 (2022) Modifiable and Non-Modifiable Predictors of Dupuytren’s Disease Abstract   PDF (Eng)
A. V. Petrov, G. V. Medvedev, D. V. Pushkin, L. A. Rodomanova, M. M. Petrova
Vol 2, Issue 2 (2022) Application of Antipsychotic Medication: Gender Differences in Tolerance and Medication Response Abstract   PDF (Eng)
L. N. Gorobets, N. D. Semenova, A. V. Litvinov
Vol 2, Issue 2 (2022) Genetic Biomarkers of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Reserves in Athletes Abstract   PDF (Eng)
O. V. Balberova, E. V. Bykov, E. G. Sidorkina, M. M. Petrova, N. A. Shnayder
Vol 2, Issue 1 (2022) Interindividual Variability of Anticonvulsant-Induced QT Prolongation Risk Abstract   PDF (Eng)
N. M. Zhuravlev, N. A. Shnayder, E. E. Vaiman, A. K. Abdyrakhmanova, M. M. Petrova, E. N. Bochanova, I. V. Romanova, O. A. Gavrilyuk, N. V. Lareva, R. F. Nasyrova
Vol 2, Issue 1 (2022) The Role of Type I Collagen in Intervertebral Disc Degeneration Abstract   PDF (Eng)
Z. A. Nurgaliev, V. V. Trefilova, M. Al-Zamil, N. A. Shnayder
Vol 2, Issue 1 (2022) Epidemiology of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Abstract   PDF (Eng)
P. S. Goncharova, T. K. Davidova, N. A. Shnayder, M. A. Novitsky, R. F. Nasyrova
Vol 1, Issue 2 (2021) Candidate genes associated with athletes' skeletal muscle functions regulation Abstract   PDF (Eng)
O. V. Balberova, E. V. Bykov, G. V. Medvedev
Vol 1, Issue 2 (2021) Possibilities and limitations of antidepressant use to correct depressive and negative symptoms in schizophrenia Abstract   PDF (Eng)
M. A. Novitsky, A. De Sousa, A. R. Asadullin, O. A. Gavrilyuk, A. V. Petrov, R. F. Nasyrova
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